Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just one quick question

If the roles had been reversed, if Trayvon Martin, a young black guy, had deliberately pursued George Zimmerman while carrying a concealed weapon and shot to kill, would the trial even be getting this coverage and would there be any question of the outcome? Okay, maybe two questions:  how is it okay with us as a culture that we perpetuate these biases on such a deep, unspoken level?


  1. Replies
    1. It isn't okay with me either. I'm guessing Paula Deen isn't losing any sleep over it, but I just find this kind of surreal. No one can convince me that if a young black guy stalked, shot and killed a white guy armed with candy and soda because it bothered him that this guy was in his neighborhood, any of this conversation would even be happening. Can't we just stop this? I don't mean the trial, I mean the underlying stupidity. I mean the whole underlying idiotic attitude problem. Can't we just revert to when you were a kid and you made up a game with your friends and then realized it didn't work and you would just all say, wait, this is stupid, lets do something else? Can't we just do something else?