Thursday, March 18, 2010

potato pancakes, cabbage and computer malfunctions

I started this blog a long time ago with all kinds of good intentions, but I kept blogging on Gaia and faded out here. On Gaia, people commented, conversations started, it wasn't just me blabbing. But Gaia is going to be no more, and knowing myself, I can't stop talking. So I'm hoping people will talk back, and I won't just be floating out here talking to myself. Yes?

I am having fits with Picassa, which is where I download and store all my photos. I suppose I need to uninstall and reinstall, but since the issue is that I can't transfer any photos it will mean losing everything I've put in before I realized I couldn't get the photos back out again. Can't email, can't post to a web album, any attempt crashes my computer and I have to restart. It is quite happy to download, it just won't regurgitate in any form. Anyone have any thoughts? Frustrating.

Last night Krissy brought home Dropkick Murphys and today I'm eating lovely leftover cabbage and potato pancake. I'd post a pic, but you just heard my sad sad story, so forget that. I could go use the lappy but stubbornness has set in now and that would just feel like surrender to the forces of cyber evil if I give in. So just imagine really cute wedges of cabbage with coarse black pepper and lovely little potato cakes with onions, all nicely browned and adorable and yummy. Whatever you imagine, it's even better, I swear.