Thursday, March 18, 2010

potato pancakes, cabbage and computer malfunctions

I started this blog a long time ago with all kinds of good intentions, but I kept blogging on Gaia and faded out here. On Gaia, people commented, conversations started, it wasn't just me blabbing. But Gaia is going to be no more, and knowing myself, I can't stop talking. So I'm hoping people will talk back, and I won't just be floating out here talking to myself. Yes?

I am having fits with Picassa, which is where I download and store all my photos. I suppose I need to uninstall and reinstall, but since the issue is that I can't transfer any photos it will mean losing everything I've put in before I realized I couldn't get the photos back out again. Can't email, can't post to a web album, any attempt crashes my computer and I have to restart. It is quite happy to download, it just won't regurgitate in any form. Anyone have any thoughts? Frustrating.

Last night Krissy brought home Dropkick Murphys and today I'm eating lovely leftover cabbage and potato pancake. I'd post a pic, but you just heard my sad sad story, so forget that. I could go use the lappy but stubbornness has set in now and that would just feel like surrender to the forces of cyber evil if I give in. So just imagine really cute wedges of cabbage with coarse black pepper and lovely little potato cakes with onions, all nicely browned and adorable and yummy. Whatever you imagine, it's even better, I swear.


  1. picassa problem -- you could give someone who you trust the password and see if they can extract the photos from their computer and send them to you?? or use a library computer to send them to yourself via gmail?

    and then get a flickr pro account. I love my flickr account. more than any other photo sharing site.

  2. and please? I don't see how to "follow" this blog. am I just blind?

  3. and one more thing, what is "open id"?

  4. Open id -

    Working on the Picassa thingie.

    Gods, I'm just so freaking happy to talk to you here!

  5. oh, and I never added the follow gadget because I just never follow up here, but now I have.

  6. ok. I'll write a blog here too, before the month is out. I promise. (hopefully I'll have something interesting to say before the week is out. I might just keep answering siona's questions.)

  7. Hey! Why didn't you tell me you were over here? Can't get rid of me that easily!

    Anyway, I thought Picassa simply managed your photos, not actually held them. At least, that's how it was on my PC. All my photos were stored in, you guessed it, "My Photos" and then Picassa sort of managed them and I could edit them in Picassa, etc. Now that I have a Mac I'm unlikely to download Picass because I can do it all in "iPhoto".

    Or do you mean that you've stored all your photos on the web is Picassa? Because if that's the case then I don't think it matters at all if you uninstall and reinstall Picassa on your computer as that's something separate. That's separate than the cyber-storage. If they are in cyber-storage you can access them from any computer because your accessing a web site . . .

    Is that right?

    Oh dear, good luck!

  8. oh I love iphoto and I love flickr too. and I have no idea about picassa, though i do have an unused account.

  9. Dawn,
    I can download your pictures and put them into a CD and send them to you. I'll do that!!!

    Give me the link where to find them. (I don't need any password. I do download pictures from others all the time).

    Write to my gmail account. You are talking about "picasa web album" right?!!\



  10. Silke,

    this is Tink's blog. I'm the commentor, not the writer.

    I sent you an invitation because i thought you would enjoy tink's writing.

    ~dawn / synonymforlight

  11. I think the picasa issue is resolved by replacing my NIC. But no, I'm not talking about a web album, the problem was not being able to get the photos out of the pc based ap and move them, well, anywhere. Not into my documents, not to a web album, not even to email them from picasa. Crazy. But I think this is now fixed.

    Lil, I miss having a Mac. The obstacle for me is that for 500 bucks you can build an awesome pc. Or buy about half a Mac. I never have the spare 500 bucks for that other half, although I'm REALLY craving an iPad. Which is, as it turns out, 500 maybe...