Monday, April 5, 2010

typing out loud

I'm one of the most talkative people I know, but lately I've been mostly speechless, at least as far as the internet goes, which is pretty far.
It's odd how much I've counted on the secluded little Gaia community as a place where I could say pretty much anything, feel like I was talking amongst friends and that I would be forgiven if I was silly or dumb or worse. I am a little bit adrift. This makes me think that maybe I should write a book, you know, just to talk on purpose to people I don't know and also of course because I am attracted to endeavors that will never ever make any money at all. (What, did you think I was going to open a bank, or a bookie business, or start selling...well, anything? I would be the world's worst salesperson, no matter what the product was - "Really, you probably don't need this. I mean, you don't have it now, and you're fine, right?") So, yeah, me, adrift. A bit.

I'm putting on my big girl panties now and dealing with it.

Tomorrow morning one of our fabulous poodle pups goes to get his nads snip-snipped - they are brother and sister and we of course don't want crazy mutant poodle puppies to ensue, so he goes first. She goes as soon as the freaking IRS gives us our tax refund for buying this falling down house, which they apparently think will break the bank because they are stalling and foot dragging and being all governmental and stuff (read as "being stupid and annoying"). I think she's going to freak out at being away from him tomorrow for an entire day, whereas he won't even notice what's happened, what with the anesthesia and all. Maybe I'll rearrange all the furniture while he's gone, just to surprise him.


  1. Messing with drugged animals is like taunting them when they have those cones on their heads -- fun and sad at the same time. Pets don't get human humor . . .

    Fiction or non?

  2. I'm inclined to say non, but if I really want to write something no one will ever read I'll go the fiction route...

  3. I'd be the same kind of salesperson as you. exactly.

    I'm glad you've found the wherewithal to type out loud outside of gaia, because I absolutely love reading your musings.

    as for me... I've been sending out pics of the day with a few words, via email and some folks reply, but no one but me can see the reply, so it doesn't start cool conversations. so I think I need to start posting the things somewhere, like this, so that everyone can reply to each others' comments????

    i miss those great comment threads on the gaia blogs the most.

    so I'm glad you started blogging somewhere where that can happen. I'm still adrift and although, this comment being a case in point, I'm not exactly speechless. I've been focusing more on images than words. Words are suddenly more challenging than they used to be.