Tuesday, June 1, 2010

good morning, let's freak out for a minute

I'm pretty sure it's appropriate, although pointless, of course.

I think the gulf oil spill is such a cataclysmic event that there is either denial or outright obfuscation, because if people really understood how bad this is, we would all be freaking out. I think this is the event we will look back at a hundred years from now and say "and that was when it happened."  We're living in an economy that can't take on many more blows. There isn't much left to absorb the damage, and there are going to be enormous blows coming out of this - entire industries, coastal economies, tourist economies, not to mention what is going to happen next to the oil industry as a result of this and the expense that will be passed on from that - all of that is hitting an economy that is already down for the count. We're way past being able to contain the problem, save habitats, save the fishing economy for that entire part of our country (not to mention other countries this will affect), we're past finding a happy solution. If it were capped right this second it would already be too late. All the backpedaling on BP's part ("there is no plume of oil below the surface..." - really???? Great!), their concerns over how much this is going to cost them, how they can do damage control and put a better spin on it - it's too late. This is the event that will change everything.

Of course, I could be wrong. Hey, lets book a cruise. Does driving a Prius count as a carbon offset?

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